Corona and America Strong – Message to Fellow Americans New Business Opening Announcement

January 2, 2019

We are excited about combining our experiences and services into this one site to fulfill your printing or publishing needs or books or unique broadsides you got to have.

Please consult with us regarding your projects or questions you may have through the Contact us form. Our goal is to respond the same day. (We don’t like having to wait 24 hours to get a generic return reply and so we want to offer you better and more personal service than that!).

Pal and Al Wheelhouse brothers

A USA PPP Announces Business Phases Opening May 28

Pal & Al Wheelhouse, May 27, 2019 (Memorial Day)

A USA PPP announces the official start of the Printing and Publishing phases with state of the art production on digital printers, offering specialty printing of reports, presentations, theses, and dissertations and coil-bound or hardbound in case of latter.

For reports and presentations with coil-binding, our goal is to print, bind, and ship out your order on the same day, for quantities under 51; next day shipping for quantities up to 100. With ten years publishing experience, we have a new unique publishing model with open disclosure of costs and customized services. Founder Pal has also 10+ years experience in the arts, cultural resource management and Preservation, government Processing, and Painting and transformed the experience and business endeavors into the new name A USA PPP in September 2017 to capture these “P” divisions and all under the proud American flag.


May 27, 2019

We are also glad to announce that we have recently registered our business in the state as a Limited Liability Corporation. This allows us to more fully conduct our business as a business separate from personal accounts (as in sole proprietorship as it was when first registered).