“All Things American”

    There have been hundreds of books written about America and thousands of articles, and dozens of archives around the country that have Americana collections. “How could you, Pal (if you ask), blog about all things American! You must be a wiz.” Well, I’m not a wiz and nor would I have time or space to read and summarize all these works. But in the days ahead, stay tuned to upcoming blogs about the “gist” of America, the emphasis on the PRINCIPLES which all true Americans hold dear: freedom, liberty, justice, and equality. I plan to post some articles capturing these principles as lived out in the life of notable Americans and events. I will also post some articles about some concerns about the developing “Big Brother” mentality is this digital age along with the non-democratic control of information, as designed by the IT professionals including some programmers, some who appear to has a socialist agenda. Is it possible that some “Americans” are planning, whether secretly or not, to hijack the true American democracy upon which this great country was founded with a socialist and hi-tech control-of-a-few (=oligarchy) power agenda? Those who are secretly planning for such a new America may think that they are keeping their secret, but their secret will eventually be found out (if not already known) whether by keen investigators and researchers, some documents that they thought were destroyed winding up in archives, and by the Spirit’s revelation to His chosen righteous inheritors of the Land. My upcoming blog defining this growing rift among Americans between those who perceive themselves as the “True Americans” from the non-American Americas into a boiling point will no doubt come to pass in the future.

A Welcoming and Friendly Disclaimer

As always, fellow Americans, you do not have to agree with any of my blogs to use any of the services on ausappp, whether printing orders, buying books, or publishing services. All these are available to use by customers regardless of social or political views, religious affiliation or none, or sexual preferences. It is my hope, however, that all Americans individually work, character-wise, to be good citizens, civil, moral, decent, and upright, which was some of the chief principles of the founders too. (Key biblical verses laying foundation to this is Ps. 37:9, 11, & 28-29)