About Us

Pal and Al Wheelhouse brothers have a combined twenty five + years in the copy, print, writing, editing, arts, publishing, scholarship, and public service experience.

Having served in different industries, they came together and joined forces and formed Wheel House Art and Publications in 2012.

Our mission is to provide inspirational and educational resources with exceptional quality and with unbeatable prices you can afford.

After beginning to collect on Americana books, specifically in American history, American culture, and other American studies and marketing resources, the idea came for a new online market website and new business name and website: A USA PPP (P’s = printing, publishing, preservation services, records processing, & painting.). By no means were they leaving Wheel House Art and Publications behind. This is the creative production (and most fun!) part of our business, which products are also marketed on our new site ausappp.com launched October 2018. On this latter site, books are for sale at retail value from other publishers and distributors which is distinct and separate from the Wheel House publications. It was fitting to have a new distinguishing site for this market.